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G-Voice: Street Chat June 12 Comedy Street Chat By Joy Agunowei a.k.a @officialJsoft

G-Voice: Street Chat G-Voice with Evang. IDRIS BAWA. By Joy Agunowei a.k.a @officialJsoft



Idris Bawa is a young Evangelist from Ghanaian residing in Nigeria with parent of which his mother is from Akwa Ibom. According to him, he was formally a Muslim who got converted to Christian just by listening to Dr. Paul Eneche of Dunamis Church.

It may also interest you to know that this young Evangelist was once dump but now can talk through the healing and baptism of the Holy Spirit he received from the preaching of Dr. Paul Eneche.

On one of our Comic Street Chat outing in the city of Port Harcourt, Idris Bawa who was also on his way to evangelism approached us requesting to preach using G-voice platform.


Please listen to him attentively so you can hear him properly and be blessed.

Easter is a season of celebration especially to the christian fold. To many it is a season for sober reflection, to other it is just and event they have grown up to meet.

The question still remains; "What do you understand by the word Easter?" how will you react to this comic but real easter question if you were asked?

Join M.c Hart, the only chief without title and the only black boy in the city of Port Harcourt to learn and at the same time laugh.

G-Voice: Street Chat Comic Easter Groove By Joy Agunowei a.k.a @officialJsoft

Globalvoice Entertainment on it again with Joy Agonowei A.k.a @officialJsoft walking through the mind of people and getting their views about the Easter celebration.

We all know that this event is celebrated with the circle of christianity.

what are we really celebrating, what impact does it have on the people, and is it worth celebrating?

The understanding and reactions of people will make you reflect, learn and laugh.

Joint her on this Comic Easter Street Chat.

Joy Agunowei @officailjsoft is at it again on valentine fever. listen and also contribute your views on what and how you feel about valentine


It is a well known fact that 14th February of every year is a day when lovers of different aga group celebrate with their love ones,while others celebrate this day with different motives.

Listen to Victory Michael as she take you round through our G-voice street chat session as she interview people from one place or the other. Listen and also contribute your views on what and how you feel about valentine

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